AttackForge is a collaboration platform for Technology Teams, Security Teams & Engineering Teams. It helps to get the right people, in the right place with the right information. To help achieve this, AttackForge integrates with industry leading collaboration platform Discord.
Discord is a group-chatting platform originally built for gamers, but which has since become a general use platform for all sorts of communities.
AttackForge lets you integrate your projects to your own Discord server to create a private channel.
To link your Discord server to your AttackForge project and create a private channel, click on Collaboration button from your project dashboard.
Click on Discord button. If you are an Administrator, you will see the Create Discord Channel option.
Enter your details to connect to your Discord server. You must ensure that your Bot Token has sufficient privileges in order to do the following:
  • Create a new channel
  • Create a new role on the server which will be used for the new channel
  • Update new channel permissions to include the new role
  • Create invite link
Click Create Channel. Once your channel is created, the following information will be displayed and all users who access the Discord section on your AttackForge project will also see this information.
To get access to the channel, click on the invite link. This will open Discord in a new window.
After you have accepted the invite, you will notice that you do not have permissions yet on the channel. You need to contact your Discord server administrators and request they add you to the new role which has been set up for this channel. The new role is listed in the details on this page.
If you need to change the channel & you are an Administrator, you will see the Update Channel button. Clicking on this will allow you to enter in new connection details (as above).
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