AttackForge is a collaboration platform for Technology Teams, Security Teams & Engineering Teams. It helps to get the right people, in the right place with the right information. To help achieve this, AttackForge integrates with industry leading collaboration platform Slack.
Slack is a communication tool to allow remote teams to stay productive - no matter where they are working from.
AttackForge is integrated into a Slack Workspace (for Enterprise customers - it can integrate into your own existing enterprise workspace).
When a project team member clicks on Slack button for the first time on the project, it will create a private channel in the linked Slack Workspace.
Once the channel is created, you can then invite a user to the private channel either by email directly; or by inviting the entire project team.

Setting Up Slack - Integration

Slack is disabled in AttackForge until you have successfully integrated it.
To set up Slack, please follow the steps below:

1. Register New App in Slack API Portal

2. Set Up Application OAuth API Permissions

The following permissions are required/mandatory for Slack integration:
Bot Token Scopes
  • Groups.Write
  • UserGroups.Read
  • UserGroups.Write
  • Users.Read
  • Users.Read.Email
  • Users.Write
User Token Scopes
  • Groups.Write
  • Users.Read
  • Users.Read.Email
Copy the OAuth Access Token. This will need to be provided in Step 4 below.

3. Install App

4. Configure AttackForge

Cloud customers

Provide the following details to your AttackForge client support representative.
!IMPORTANT Ensure to first encrypt the details in a password protected folder/file before sending to AttackForge.
  • Slack Workspace URL e.g.
  • OAuth Access Token
Your AttackForge client support representative will inform you once the details have been configured for your AttackForge tenant. The integration will then be completed.

On-Premises customers

Update your Dockerfile with the following:
ENV SLACK="<OAuth token>"
Update your Config file with the following:
"enable_slack": true, "slack_workspace_url": "",
Restart your Docker environment to update the configuration. The integration will then be completed.