Search module helps you to find all known vulnerabilities that you have access to, providing you with fast information on your security posture - when you need it.
For example, if you would need to know how many Critical, Open vulnerabilities are outstanding for one of your production assets; or across all assets within one of your business units - you can use Search module to find this information quickly, and act fast.
Or you may want to identify how many vulnerabilities are OWASP Top 10 and have CVSS Base Score of 8 or above; or how many known SQL Injection issues you have in your environment - Search module will help you answer this.
Using search module, you can:
    Search all vulnerabilities by asset name
    Search all vulnerabilities within a group
    Search all vulnerabilities by a vulnerability title
    Search all vulnerabilities by tags
You can drill down to see the details for each vulnerability, or filter by available columns & data.
Last modified 11mo ago
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