User Settings


You can update your user settings & profile by accessing your User page by clicking on the drop-down in the top-right header as pictured below.

Edit Profile

Every user has a profile. This profile is visible to your project team members. To update your profile, select Edit Profile from the page menu.
Your profile contains the following information:
  • Job Title
  • Employer
  • City
  • Country
  • A little about you
  • Tags
  • Certifications
  • Education
  • Employment History

Modify Avatar

You can update your default avatar by clicking Modify Avatar from the page menu.
Avatars must be of an image format and no larger than 70kb.

Update Name

You can update your name at any point in time by selecting Update Namefrom the page menu.

Change Passphrase

You can change your passphrase at any point in time by selecting Change Passphrasefrom the page menu. After the password change, you will be logged out.

Upgrade to Pro

If you are Free-tier user, you can upgrade to Pro-tier and enable Pro-Perks at any time, by clicking on Upgrade to Pro! from the page menu. Pro-Perks provides power-ups and unlocks so you can access all the features without restrictions.
If you are an existing Pro user and wish to cancel your subscription, you can select Cancel Subscription from the page menu. Cancellation will take place immediately and you will be downgraded to Free-tier.

Reset 2FA Code

You can reset your 2FA code at any time by clicking on Reset 2FA Code from the page menu. You will need to enter your passphrase to authorise this. After the reset, you will be logged out. On your next login you will receive a new QR code to scan with your mobile authenticator app.

Deactivate Account

If you no longer wish to maintain your AttackForge account, you can deactivate it by clicking on Deactivate Account from the page menu. Your data, including any vulnerabilities you have created, will remain available to other users on your projects (to ensure accuracy & transparency of vulnerabilities & information). However you will no longer be able to log back into your account.