Vulnerability Library


AttackForge utilises a centralized vulnerability library which makes it fast & easy to create new vulnerabilities on your projects.

Each issue in the library acts as a template, which can be re-used. This means you only need to write the issue once & perform quality assurance once - saving you hours of reporting time for every single project.

You can access the vulnerabilities in the library when you are creating a new vulnerability on a project.

You must be an Administrator, Project Coordinator or Library Moderator to have access to the vulnerability library.

My Vulnerability Library & Complete Vulnerability Library

AttackForge comes pre-loaded with over 1300 vulnerabilities that you can select from, for any given project.

Any new vulnerability templates that you create will show in the My Vulnerability Library tab. You can use the actions menu to Edit or Delete any of these entries.

In AttackForge Enterprise - all vulnerabilities are shared and common. This means any entries you create can be used by your peers - pooling together your knowledge to save time & effort.

You can access the entire library of vulnerabilities from the Complete Vulnerability Library tab.

Create New Vulnerability

To create a new entry in the library, click on Create New Vulnerability button. You will then see a form which you can complete to add the new entry to the library. Once the form is submitted, the vulnerability will be immediately available to select from when creating a new vulnerability on a project.

You can also search the library for an existing issue, this will pre-fill the fields for you to save you time & effort when you only want to make small changes to an existing template.

You can update or modify the vulnerability template at any time by visiting the Vulnerability Library module and using the actions menu; or by click on Edit Vulnerability button after selecting the issue from the library when creating a new vulnerability on a project.

!IMPORTANT: updates to vulnerability templates in your library will apply globally to all project vulnerabilities which are referencing that template.

Delete Vulnerability

You can access any deleted vulnerability templates by clicking on the Deleted Vulnerabilities tab. Here you can view and restore any vulnerability templates if desired.

You can delete a vulnerability template by using the actions menu and selecting Delete. Any vulnerability templates you delete from the library will be removed from your view, and you will no longer be able to select them on any projects. However they will still be referenced on existing projects so that integrity of vulnerabilities on a project remains in-tact.