Projects module is where you can see all of your projects, including ones that you have created; or ones that you have been invited to by other users.
If you are an Administrator or Project Coordinator - to create a new project, click on the Create New Project button from the page menu.
Otherwise for all other users, you can request a new project by clicking on the Request New Project button from the page menu.
See Getting Started for more details on how to Create a New Project; or how to Request a New Project.
You can click on any of the project names to drill down to the project dashboard view.
You can also use the actions menu to perform quick actions on your projects, such as download reports, manage access, view tracking, and more.

Pending Requests

Pending requests tab provides a list of all project requests which are awaiting review & action by the administrators.
The administrators will be notified when a new project request is submitted and can commence the review process. The customer will also be notified by email that their request is pending review.
Users can make modifications to their pending requests.
Administrators and Project Coordinators can Approve or Reject requests.
If a request is Approved, the project will be automatically created and the customer will be invited to the project. The customer will be notified by email that their request was approved.
If a request is Rejected, the administrator or project coordinator can include a reason why the project was rejected. The customer will be notified by email that their request was rejected and the reason for rejection.
More information can also be requested from the customer. The customer will receive an email with the information requested by the Project Coordinator or Admin user. This is also captured and stored against the request for traceability.

Actioned Requests

All users can see the history of their project requests in the Actioned Requests tab in Projects module.
You can click on the request to drill down on the information which had been submitted & reviewed.

Archived Projects

Archived projects tab provides a list of all projects which have been archived.
Archived projects are not accessible by non-admin users. The results from the archived projects will also not be included in Analytics or other sections with AttackForge.
Archived projects can be restored at any time by selecting Restore Project from the actions menu.
You can also delete projects entirely from the database (including logs) or choose to keep the logs. This can be performed using the Destroy Project Data option from the action menu.
WARNING - once a project has been destroyed, there is no way to recover it or its data.
Last modified 8mo ago