Requesting A Project


In AttackForge Enterprise, customers can request a new project by clicking on Projects module, then selecting Request New Project from the page menu.
During the project request process, the customer will complete a form & upload any supporting information. The form will capture initial scope & details.
The customer can select one or more services from the service catalogue presented.
Once the customer has completed the form, they can submit it for review. The administrators will be notified of the new project request and can commence the review process. The customer will also be notified by email that their request is pending review.
Users can view pending requests by clicking on Pending Requests from Projects module.
Users can make modifications to their pending requests.
Administrators or Project Coordinators can Approve or Reject requests.
If a request is Approved, the project will be automatically created and the customer will be invited to the project. The customer will be notified by email that their request was approved.
If a request is Rejected, the administrator or project coordinator can include a reason why the project was rejected. The customer will be notified by email that their request was rejected and the reason for rejection.
Administrators and Project Coordinators can request more information for a project, before they Approve or Reject the request.
When requesting more information, an email will be sent to the customer with the details for the request. The information is also visible by clicking on the request to view the details.
Once request for more information is made, the status of the request will be set to Requested Information. The customer can make necessary changes to the request in order to address the feedback, and once they save the updates - the status will be set back to Pending Approval and Administrators will be notified by email that the request has been updated and is ready for review.
All users can see the history of their project requests in the Actioned Requests tab in Projects module.

Selecting a Test Suite from the Service Catalogue

When a customer is requesting a new project, they must specify the service which they would like to purchase or proceed with. The test suites are presented to the customer as a Service Catalogue, allowing them to pick and choose what they would like to be performed. Test suites can be adjusted to align with the security services offering for a consultancy or internal security team/function.
For example, if a customer requires a PCI DSS penetration test to meet their annual penetration testing requirements, they can select the service from the catalogue and list the details for the PCI assets in-scope for the assessment (see below).