Project Scope


Project Scope is where all of the assets assigned to the project can be viewed or modified. You can also add new assets to the project.
Only Administrators, Project Coordinators or users with Edit access to the project can make updates to the scope on the project.
You can access the project scope by selecting Scope from the project menu.
From the Project Scope page, you can perform the following actions.

Add Assets / Scope

To create a new asset (or multiple assets) on the project, select Add Scope from the project menu.
Here you can add new assets on the project, either separated by comma or by new line.

Modify Assets / Scope

You can modify assets in-line by clicking on the name of the asset. A box will be displayed around the asset name allowing you to change it.

Delete Assets / Scope

You can delete assets by clicking on the Remove button.

Download Assets / Scope

You can download all of the assets assigned to the project in CSV format. This may help to get this data into other tools such as vulnerability scanners. You can perform this by clicking on Download Assets (CSV) from the page menu.
Last modified 1yr ago