Self-Service RESTful API


Easily automate workflows using our Self-Service RESTful API. It is perfect for customisations and integrations into your enterprise ecosystem.

You can use the Self-Service RESTful API to:

Retrieve vulnerabilities for your projects, and export them into your vulnerability management and/or ticketing systems.

Import data from external systems and datasources such as CMDB and asset registers; vulnerability management tools; and vulnerability template & methodology datasources.

Create automated workflows for submitting & approving project requests; or Create automated workflows for new projects and managing project team.

Retrieve audit logs for the application, or for a user or project.

Extract analytics such as Top X Most Common Vulnerabilities; Top X Most Vulnerable Assets; and Top X Most Failed Test Cases.

Retrieve and update project data such as test cases, notes, workspace & executive summary.

Create assets / scope on a project from a datasource.

Audit users and create / activate / deactivate users when required.

!IMPORTANT: This module is not available to AttackForge Core tenants.

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