Project Workspace


Every project in AttackForge has a dedicated workspace where notes can be entered and files can be uploaded. The workspace allows project teams to consolidate all entry criteria required for an assessment, and place to store testing logs once the assessment has completed.

You can access the workspace from the project menu by clicking on Workspace.

Only users with Upload or Edit permissions on a project can access the workspace.

Edit users can see all uploaded files & notes. Upload users can only see the uploaded files.

Authorized users can create free-form notes in the workspace, which are relevant to the assessment. For example, including test credentials; including link's to solution interfaces or API specifications; notes relating to system functionality; steps on how to extract & set up solution; etc. You can assign each of the notes to assets and also upload files directly to the notes.

Authorized users can also upload files to the project workspace and testing logs section. For example, binaries for mobile applications; API test harnesses; solution design and architectural documentation; codebase for source code review; etc.

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