Project Pages

Project Pages can be used to create, group and manage custom content on your projects.

Pages are a dynamic way to interact with your project teams. Their content can also be used in reports and in the Self-Service APIs.

Here's some examples for how you can use Pages:

  • Create dedicated places for project teams to enter and track information

  • Provide additional options for teams to collaborate

  • Group content into topics

Each page comes with its own access controls to manage who can View, Upload or Edit content on the page.

Summary Page

The Summary Page can be used to capture, track and manage additional information related to the project. For example:

  • Customer Goals for the testing team, and Testing Team goals for the customer

  • Assumptions, Constraints and Limitations

  • Scope-related notes such as Out-of-Scope

You can enable this page from the Administration module, and set the default access levels for new projects:

Start creating Sections and Fields you want to use on your projects.

Now on your existing or new project, enable the Summary page.

Add access levels based on the needs of your project.

Access the Summary page from the menu.

Enter information and upload files based on your configuration.

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