Raising Support Tickets
AttackForge Enterprise customers can raise support tickets to help track & manage any bugs, issues or feature requests.
AttackForge utilises Backlog for tracking support tickets. You will automatically receive an invitation to our workspace on Backlog. If you have not yet received an invitation, please contact [email protected]
Once logged into Backlog, you will see a dashboard containing the projects which you have access to. Your organisation will have a dedicated project where you can raise your support tickets.
To get started, click on your project.
Once on your project, click Add Issue button.
Select Issue Type:
    Bug - existing functionality in your AFE application is not working correctly or as expected
    Feature Request - request new functionality or feature to be considered on AFE roadmap
Enter in details for your bug or feature request. For bugs, please ensure to include the following information otherwise your ticket may be delayed or rejected.
      Include detailed information relating to the bug. This should include the page it is observed on, the activities performed leading to the bug, any specific data you entered triggering the bug, etc.
    Steps to Reproduce
      This is Important! We need to be able to reproduce the issue otherwise we may be limited in fixing it for you. Please include detailed steps to reproduce the bug.
    Expected Outcome
      Include information relating to what you were expecting the functionality to do
      Include information relating to the actual outcome and what you had observed.
Assign the issue to AttackForge Support team member
Upload supporting screenshots to help us troubleshoot the issue faster.
Click Add button to submit your ticket.
Once your ticket is submitted, you will receive a confirmation message. AttackForge Support team is now aware of your ticket and will be working with you to resolve the bug or get back to you on the feature request.
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