UPDATED: Please head over to our new GitHub Support Site for help, examples, tips and tricks: https://github.com/AttackForge/ReportGen

AttackForge makes it easy to create custom reporting templates that can be used to generate on-demand reports by your customers and teams. This significantly reduces the burden on pentesters having to write and update reports.

Report Templates is a place where you can manage your custom reporting templates and access the ReportGen tool. You can create and upload as many templates as you desire.

You can upload a new template by clicking on Add Template. You can also delete templates using the actions menu.

You can create a report for a project(s) directly from here by clicking on Create Report button for your desired template.

To get started and create your first template, download the offline ReportGen tool by clicking on Download ReportGen Tool. The tool is a self-contained HTML file. After you open it, follow the steps. We recommend watching the tutorial video before you start.

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Check YouTube for more tutorials: https://youtube.com/@attackforge