Schedule keeps you abreast of all your projects - historical, present & future.
All projects are color-coded to quickly identify their status, and include the percentage of completion against the test cases. Hovering over a project will display the Project Team and also Test Case Progress for each test suite.
You can filter the schedule by Month, Week or Day. You can traverse back in time to see historical projects; or to the future to plan for upcoming projects.
Clicking on a project which is Pending Approval will take you to the project request page.
Clicking on a project which is either Waiting to Start; On-Hold; Testing In Progress or Completed will take you to the Project Overview &Tracking page.
If you are an Administrator, you can filter the schedule by users. This can help you to quickly check which users are assigned to which projects; and to help determine utilization for a particular person or a team (for example pentesters) for any given month, week or day.
The filter will include all users in the system by default. You can filter the list by Clients or Consultants by clicking the button below the search bar.
Every user is color-coded in the calendar to quickly & easily determine which projects they are assigned to.
A list of each user's projects are also included in the data tables below the calendar.
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