Built For Enterprise

AttackForge Enterprise is a purpose built platform to manage large-scale penetration testing programs for Enterprise; or for Consultancies to deliver penetration testing projects to clients.
A Platform For Everyone

Download White Paper on Centralized Enterprise Management of Penetration Testing Program

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Make security & penetration testing Efficient, Standardised, Consolidated & Transparent

AttackForge Enterprise is a Penetration Testing Management Platform that will help Enterprise:
  • Create Centralized, Standardised & Consistent approach to security testing to ensure testing methodologies are defined, understood, agreed and in accordance with organization expectations.
  • Risk Reduction by reducing the time from when vulnerability is found by assessors/testers to the moment when developers/engineers start fixing it.
  • Improved Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing between business & technology teams within the organization, as well as security teams (internal & external). This helps to build further knowledge about vulnerabilities, their impact & remediation strategies which can be applied across multiple systems or entire organization.
  • Full Visibility of Security Posture when it comes to security testing, across entire organization or across individual Business Groups within the Enterprise.
  • Analytics and Trend Discovery to better understand root cause of issues and where enterprise needs to focus resources.
  • Cost Savings up to 25% of security testing budget by providing on-demand reports & integration into ticketing systems (JIRA, ServiceNow). Currently organizations spend 1-5 days effort (~$2K-$10K) per project on consultants to write reports – and further effort transferring findings from reports to ticketing systems. AttackForge can reduce or eliminate this entirely.

AttackForge provides all the necessary tools to help you

  • Manage large scale penetration & security testing programs
  • Create a Security & Penetration Testing project and define what will be tested (Scope / Assets), and how they will be tested (Test suites / Test cases).
  • View calander to schedule & plan testing activities.
  • View analytics across all your assets & vulnerabilities.
  • Provide secure workspace to upload any details or files necessary for testing to take place.
  • Provide secure chats and collaboration with project team.
  • View and manage testing progress.
  • Add vulnerabilities to assets, supported by visual attack chains.
  • Manage vulnerabilities, including retesting & export to JIRA or ServiceNow.
  • Store testing logs.
  • Generate on-demand, automated vulnerability reports in PDF, HTML, DOCX, CSV & JSON formats.

AttackForge provides a huge number of benefits for Enterprise

  • Reduce Overheads for managing & delivering penetration testing projects - by up to 40%
    • Consolidation of all vulnerabilities, testing logs, pieces of evidence, artifacts and screenshots - securely managed in one place. Easy to retrieve & track, and controlled by you.
    • Securely collaborate and chat. Upload/download files to your workspace, avoid need to use other insecure channels.
    • Automatic notifications when consultants start & stop testing daily.
    • Track & monitor status for all your security testing projects and vulnerabilities, in one place.
    • View calendar to schedule and plan testing activities.
    • No need for peer / technical report reviews.
    • No need to manually provide daily updates to stakeholders.
    • Manage multiple simultaneous projects more effectively & easily.
  • Instantly save on reporting costs – saving you thousands per project!
    • Automatically generated vulnerability reports in PDF, HTML, DOCX & CSV.
    • Consistent reporting - whenever you need it.
    • Stop spending thousands per report.
    • Reduce Load on Consultants - Increase consultants’ productivity on testing and delivery.
    • Reduce reporting effort required - No need to write lengthy reports.
  • Build stronger market share & improve pentester retention
    • Improve value proposition for new customers & pentesters – increase sales & increase pentester retention with automated reporting.
    • Easy-to-use portal to engage and collaborate with your customers & team.
    • Improve retention of existing customers – entice them to stay and maintain their data with you.
  • Visibility for all your vulnerabilities - across your entire organisation/portfolio - on one screen
    • View Dashboards across all projects and vulnerabilities - understand security posture for your company or your clients, at any given time - on one screen.
    • See the most common vulnerabilities in your organisation or across all of your clients – across all systems/assets.
    • Visual attack chains to see the attack from a hackers perspective - understand exactly what an attacker is doing at each step. Don't rely on risk-ratings only to determine your remediation plan.
    • Search for a given system/asset and see its related vulnerabilities and remediation status.
    • Track remediation for all vulnerabilities.
    • Detailed information for every vulnerability - ratings, descriptions, attack scenarios, recommendations, proof-of-concepts, evidence, remediation notes, and more.
    • JIRA & ServiceNow integration - directly export your vulnerabilities in to your own JIRA or ServiceNow instance.
  • Make your penetration testing repeatable
    • View test case progress on a project - know what was tested, who tested it, and when they tested it, and importantly understand what was not tested.
    • Define what test cases will be executed on every project (Pro-Perk only).
    • Consistent use of vulnerability language (built on CWE, CAPEC, OWASP, and others). Provides standard/common language when discussing vulnerabilities.
    • Assurance of repeatable service - Measure progress over time.
  • Measure your security posture over time
    • Powerful Analytics for deep discovery - identify vulnerability trends across over time.
    • Identify your own Top 10 Most Vulnerable Assets, Top 10 Most Common Vulnerabilities, and Top 10 Testcases Leading to Vulnerabilities.