Nucleus Security


AttackForge allows users to self-export vulnerabilities from AttackForge into their Nucleus Security tenant.
Nucleus Security is a leading Vulnerability Management platform for Large Enterprises, MSPs/MSSPs, and Application Security Teams. Exporting your vulnerabilities from AttackForge into Nucleus Security will help to consolidate all vulnerabilities in one place for actionable intelligence.
To self-export vulnerabilities into Nucleus Security, click on the Export button on your project dashboard. Then click on Nucleus Security.
Enter the following details:‌
  • Host - this should be the hostname of your Nucleus Security tenant
  • Project ID - this should be the numerical ID of the project you are exporting vulnerabilities to
  • X-APIKey - this should be your API Key for your organizational account on your tenant
‌Once you have added the information, select the vulnerabilities you wish to export and click on Export Vulnerabilities.
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