AttackForge allows users to self-export vulnerabilities from AttackForge into their ServiceNow tenant. This helps to get issues more visible, using a native platform which is already integrated into the enterprise ecosystem.

To self-export vulnerabilities into ServiceNow, select the vulnerabilities then click on Export/Sync in the actions menu.

Select ServiceNow.

Enter the following details:‌

  • Host - this should be your ServiceNow tenant e.g.

  • Username - this should be for a user which has permissions to create incidents in ServiceNow.

  • Password - this should be the users password.

  • Category - you can raise the vulnerability as Software, Hardware, Network or Database incident.

‌Once you have added the information, click Export. All of your vulnerabilities will appear as new Incidents in ServiceNow.

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations, including real-time fully-automated bi-directional integrations, can be performed using AttackForge's Events API and out-of-the-box middleware. For more details, please speak with your AttackForge account manager.

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