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Unleash The Power of AttackForge Pro


As a Pro user you get access to our 'Pro-Perks' which includes:
  • Create Unlimited Projects
    • No more limits on how many projects you can create. Harness the power of AttackForge for all of your security testing projects.
  • Import Up to 500 Vulnerabilities Per Project
    • Import more vulnerabilities directly to your projects - save time & effort on every pentest!
  • Customise Your Reports
    • Choose how your reports are displayed. Create custom reports for any type of stakeholder.
  • Invite Unlimited Persons to Your Projects
    • No more limits on how many persons are allowed on your project. Unleash full collaboration with developers, project teams, security teams, and more.
  • Build Up Your Team and Collaborate
    • Connect with People to build your dream team and share your vulnerability libraries and test suites. Combine your hard work and avoid reinventing the wheel. Intended for small pentest teams or collaborative groups of freelancers.
  • Access Powerful Analytics
    • Powerful Analytics for deep discovery - identify vulnerability trends across over time. Identify your own Top 10 Vulnerabilities, Top 10 Most Vulnerable Assets, and Top 10 Failed Testcases - plus more!
  • Create Your Own Test Suites & Test Cases
    • Stand out from the crowd. You define exactly what gets tested - on every project - every time.
  • Unlimited Project Scope / Assets
    • Test as many systems as you need to test.
  • Unlimited Uploads
    • No more limits on how many files you can upload. Every screenshot. Every script. Every log. Every time.
  • Plus other exclusive Pro-Perks coming soon!


As a Pro user you will be automatically charged monthly to ensure continued access to your Pro-Perks. When you sign up, you will get access to Pro-Perks immediately. All payments are processed and billed in Australian Dollars ($AUD).
During sign up, your card details will be securely sent and stored directly with our payment provider Square ( Your card will be automatically charged on an ongoing monthly basis until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel your Pro membership at any time by selecting 'Unsubscribe Pro' from your Profile menu.
Shortly after you sign up, you will receive a tax invoice from our payment provider Square within two (2) business days. If you don't receive the email, please contact [email protected]
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