Getting Started is a free-to-use collaboration platform to help you manage your own security & penetration testing projects and related activities. helps you:

  • Create penetration testing projects & Track testing progress

  • Add & Import vulnerabilities to your projects/pentests

  • Access high-quality automated vulnerability reports on-demand & when you need them

  • Create custom automated pentest reports using AttackForge ReportGen

  • Collaborate with your project team

  • Access analytics & trend analysis for your assets and vulnerabilities

  • Export your vulnerabilities to JIRA or ServiceNow

  • Request, Perform & Track Remediation Testing (Retesting) is purpose built to:

  • help pentesters reduce the amount of time they spend doing things other than pentesting;

  • provide customers with fast & easy access to vulnerabilities and analytics;

  • help developers start remediating issues faster;

  • give pentest teams ability to collaborate effectively and securely.

It is the first dedicated platform for Pentest Management – unlike other similar platforms or tools which focus on scanner aggregation or report generation only. can significantly increase actual time spent testing. It helps pentesters:

  • create projects and give access to the client and developers or engineers so they can upload all necessary details & artefacts.

  • easily and quickly raise new vulnerabilities. Leveraging the powerful built-in vulnerability library with 1300+ templates from Mitre CWE and CAPEC, it takes on average less than 30 seconds to add a vulnerability to your project/pentest.

  • import vulnerabilities from your favourite tools including Nessus, BURP, Qualys, ZAP, OpenVAS & more.

  • download high-quality reports on-demand - saving hours and days of reporting time & effort on every pentest.

  • integrate reports in to your own custom reporting templates using AttackForge ReportGen.

  • export vulnerabilities directly into JIRA or ServiceNow.

  • collaborate with your team on private Slack channels. has other collaboration tools as well to make everyone’s lives easier – for pentesters and the client. This includes

  • email notifications on start/stop testing daily;

  • daily tracker for progress updates;

  • calendar to schedule and plan upcoming projects;

  • remediation tracking and audit trail for all vulnerabilities; and

  • analytics to provide more insight across range of projects or pentests. integrates best practice testing methodologies & benchmarks from OWASP, OSSTMM, PTES & others - which helps clients understand what the pentester is actually testing and transparency on testing coverage; and also helps the pentester structure their testing.

Pentesters can also create their own methodologies for specific clients, projects, or benchmarks they prefer to work with. will improve communication, collaboration & transparency; as well as decrease time, effort & costs on your next pentest.