Project Notes


Project Notes allows to create & store notes on your project. You can use notes to capture information relating to your pentest. You can consolidate all your notes in one place, to make it easy to track & record information as you go.
The notes can include:
  • Private notes - these are notes which are only visible to you.
  • Team notes - these notes are available to project team members with Edit access to the project (pentesters/consultants).
  • Report notes - these notes are included in the downloaded PDF, DOCX & HTML reports. They are also included in the JSON export & ReportGen.
Project Notes is only available to users with Edit permissions to the project.
You can access project notes from the quicks actions or project menu by clicking on Notes.
You can create a new note using the page menu to select Create Note.
You can Update or Delete a note using the actions menu to select Edit Note or Delete Note.