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How it Works

Using AttackForge is as fast, easy and effortless.

1. Create a New Project

Define what will be tested (e.g. application, infrastructure, etc.); testing methodology; test window; etc. After you create a project, you will be redirected to the Project Dashboard. From here you can access the Project Menu to start working on your project.

2. Invite Project Team

Invite people to your project e.g. developers, pentesters, customers, security managers, project managers, etc. Your project team can also upload necessary files and information required for testing e.g. test credentials, solution documents, diagrams, etc.

3. Start Working Through Test Cases and Add Vulnerabilities

You can harness the built-in vulnerability library to quickly add vulnerabilities to your project/pentest; or create custom vulnerability templates from Vulnerability Library.

4. Download Automated Reports

Project team, including your customers, can download automated reports in PDF, DOCX, HTML, CSV or JSON formats. They can even customise the reports in the application, or create fully-custom reports using your own style with AttackForge ReportGen.