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Test Suite Builder


Test Suite Builder is where you can create custom methodologies or checklists to assign to any new projects you create.
When a test suite is assigned to a project, the linked test cases will also be assigned to the project - so that the pentester or auditor has a checklist to work from.
A test suite helps:
  • Clients understand exactly what was tested on the project;
  • Developers/Engineers link test cases to vulnerabilities;
  • Pentesters structure their testing in a methodical, consistent & standardized way;
  • Organizations create repeatable, standardized & comparable assessments - independent of who was actually performing the assessment.
Test cases can provide valuable insight into a penetration test or audit. It shows:
  • What was tested
  • When it was tested
  • Who tested it
  • What was the status
  • Supporting evidence

My Test Suites

AttackForge comes pre-loaded with dozens of industry methodologies that you can select from, for any given project. The methodologies are derived from OWASP, OSSTMM, NIST and others.
Any new test suites that you create will show in the My Test Suites tab. You can use the actions menu to Edit or Delete any of these entries.
You can view the test cases linked to the test suites by clicking on the test suite name.

My Team Test Suites

My Team Test Suites tab will display all of the test suites that your Team is sharing with you. Your ability to View or Edit these entries will depend on the privileges assigned by your team members for which these entires belong to.
If you have been assigned privileges to Edit a test suite, you can use the actions menu to do so.

Creating A New Test Suite

To create a new test suite in the library, click on Create New Test Suite button. You will then see a form which you can complete to add the new test suite to the library. Once the form is submitted, the test suite will be immediately available to drill down in to so you can start linking test cases.
To add a new test case, click on the page menu and select Add Test Case. This will take you to a form where you can add a new test case on this test suite.
You can also search the library for an existing test case, this will pre-fill the fields for you to save you time & effort when you only want to make small changes to an existing test case.
Once you have filled in the details, you can click Add More to save & link the test case to your test suite, and start working on a new test case; or you can click I'm Done to save & link the test case to your test suite, then go back to the test suite page.
Any new test cases will now be visible in the table on the page.
You can update or modify the test cases at any time by using the actions menu.
You can also update or modify the test suite at any time by using the page menu.
!IMPORTANT: updates to test cases in your library will apply globally to all projects which are referencing that test case.
!IMPORTANT: any test cases you add or delete on a test suite project will not apply retrospectively to existing projects. This is to preserve integrity of what was actually assigned & tested on projects, and avoid situation where a project may be Completed and is now Not Completed as new test cases are assigned.

Deleted Test Suites

You can delete a test suite by using the actions menu and selecting Delete. Any test suites you delete from the library will be removed from your view, and you will no longer be able to select them on any projects. However they will still be referenced on existing projects so that integrity of test cases on a project remains in-tact.